Since incorporation in 1991 till today we have played a major role in transforming the lives of our nation. We have helped many Sri Lankans in finding the most appropriate job overseas. In this way we have helped our country in earning foreign exchange while transforming the lives of many families.
Our services could be categorized into 2 major categories. Namely 1) Services to our clients and 2) services to our applicants.
  a) Provision and Placement of the workforce will be accordance with job descriptions specifically included by the Employer in the job order.
  b) We will mobilize the required workforce as soon as possible to join their assigned point & capacity after receiving the NOC from the prospective country from the employer.
  c) We hold the sole RESPONSIBILITY & GUARANTEE of the workforce supplied by us. In this regard each selected candidate is thoroughly table tested before being screened in specific trade test/competency test center besides their Technical/Educational qualifications.
  d) We ensure that the workforce recruited by us shall comply with all Rules & Regulations in force pertaining to the safety and security of the Company and the host country.
  e) We shall ensure that all workers are medically fit to work aboard, overseas and free from infection disease. They will undergo medical check ups by the Government approved doctors and will be possession of Medical Fitness Certificates.
  f) We will undertake to REPLACE at our cost immediately if any of our candidates deemed by the employer to be medically unfit (excluding work accident), incompetent or unsuitable. The air passage of such eventual replacement will be borne by us.
  g) We do free advertising on behalf of our clients on request.
  h) Initially all the candidates will be interviewed screened by us before the interviews. We will arrange for the trade test without any cost to our clients.
  i) We will make arrangements for direct interviews by our clients even on short period whenever our client requests to do so.
  j) Period of DEPLOYMENT OF WORKERS will be within 15 days from the day we receive the visa or NOC.
  k) We do all these services without any burden to our clients. For all skilled & professional categories we request only the air ticket from our clients. We do not request ticket for semi-skilled & unskilled categories. The cost of air ticket and the service charges will be entirely free.

We have briefed about our company activities towards Manpower Recruitment from Sri Lanka. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more clarification about us or about our activities.