Export of Sri Lankan Quality Spices
    Sri Lanka is known for its quality spices. The quality of these spices is reflected by the strong aroma and the flavor it gives to the dishes. Today Sri Lankan spices are exported to many western countries to satisfy their taste buds and also to extract oils.

We have suppliers who can supply quality dehydrated and powdered spices of any quantity. Some of the powdered forms are garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, peppers and other. We do also have facility to provide dehydrated and crushed products of herbs such as mint, coriander leaves, leeks and other varieties.

We are certain that our products will be able to compete with any producers in terms of quality, in time and also at a reasonable price. The secret is the blend of careful thoughts and passion from the farmer to the manufacturer of the spice powders. We don’t use a middle man and we approach selected farmers and buy them at a reasonable price that benefits the farmers. Moreover many of our farmers are organic therefore rest assured.

For further enquiries please contact us info@alfahedlanka.com